5 Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew

Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew

5 Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew
5 Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew

For most of history, women have been underestimated, and in many cases, outright mistreated by men who simply don’t understand their female friends and coworkers. While it’s true that there are plenty of ignorant people in the world, it’s not right to assume that all men are like this. Here are 5 things every woman wishes more men knew about women and girls in today’s world.

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1) That they don’t have to protect us

We can take care of ourselves, and in fact, often prefer to. We don’t want you to fight our battles for us, or be our knight in shining armor. We just want you to be there for us as a partner and an equal.
We don’t need saving (four sentences): Damsels in distress are a thing of the past. Women are strong and capable, and we don’t need rescuing. We can handle whatever life throws our way, so please don’t try to save us. If anything, we’re always trying to save you.
That we’re not fragile: We’re not looking for some prince charming who will rescue us from every difficult situation. Instead, what women really want is someone who will listen and understand without judgement when they feel hurt or vulnerable.
That they don’t have to hold back: It’s important that men know that women value their opinions and input – especially if it’s given with honesty and sincerity – but women also appreciate knowing that their opinions matter too. That means knowing when it’s appropriate to share your thoughts about something important, but also being comfortable with silence when it suits the moment better.

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2) We are independent people

We are not fragile flowers that need to be taken care of or put on a pedestal. We are strong, independent people who can take care of ourselves. We don’t need you to fix everything for us or make all the decisions. We can do it ourselves. Just because we’re independent doesn’t mean we don’t want your help or input, though. We appreciate when you lend a hand or offer your opinion, but ultimately, we’re capable of taking care of ourselves.

5 Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew
5 Things Every Woman Wishes More Men Knew

3) Being nice isn’t weakness

A lot of men seem to think that being nice is a weakness. They’re afraid to show any emotion other than anger or happiness, and they stay away from anything that might make them look weak. But the truth is, being nice doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. When you’re nice to someone, you’re showing them that you care about them and that you want to make things better for them. And that’s not weak at all.
We don’t always want to be the strong one (four sentences): Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we always want to be the strong ones.

4) We need help too

Just because we can do things on our own, doesn’t mean we don’t need or want help. Sometimes we just need a break or some assistance. It’s okay to ask for help, and in fact, it’s appreciated. We will be more receptive to your offers of help if you seem genuine about it, instead of trying to show off how strong you are. Show us that you care about the task at hand and have our best interests at heart, not just proving yourself as manly.

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5) We want your opinion on our lives

As women, we often feel like our opinions and thoughts are devalued or not taken seriously. We wish that more men would take the time to listen to us and ask for our input on things that matter to us. It would also be nice if more men realized that we are capable of doing things for ourselves and don’t always need their help. However, we do appreciate when they offer it! Here are five specific things every woman wishes more men knew:

  1. We love being listened to and having our opinions valued.
  2. We don’t always need your help, but when you offer it we appreciate it.
  3. We are strong and capable individuals.