250+ Best Bubble Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

Bubble Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

250+ Best Bubble Milk Tea Captions for Instagram
Best Bubble Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

Bubble Milk Tea, or boba milk tea, has become a cultural phenomenon in the United States and across the world. Popularized by children’s television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the drink has been widely consumed by young adults of all ages since its introduction in 1994. From that point on, its popularity has continued to grow thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner showcasing their love of the drink on social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat. Here are 250+ best bubble and milk tea captions for Instagram!

The delicate fruity flavors & the soft creaminess of this yummy goodness

A colorful drink that’s as fun to slurp as it is to wear

A cup of hot milk tea to try and kill the morning cold #milktea #sundayfunday #yummy

A cup of hot tea is like having a bath on the inside.

A cup of pearl tea is happiness.

A cup of tea a day keep worries away.

A cup of tea is a cup of peace.

A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds

A cup of tea makes everything better.

A glass of milk tea in a special summer place.

A home without tea is merely a house!

A rainy morning. Feeling like a hot cup of tea.

A taste of spring filled with fresh black tea infused with lemon . Served hot no sugar needed

A tea that might be called Cream Tea in some parts of the world,

Add to cart ASAP, we’re one of the last places that ship milk tea.

Any time is tea time.

BeLEAF in you abiliTEAS

Beating the summer heat with a huge serving of milk tea.

Because you can’t spell bubble tea without P E A C E . ️#peace

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of tea.

Best-teas for life

Bringing back the sweet taste of hello #sweetie hello #sweetteacom

Bubble Tea, is it the drink or the feeling you get when that fun wacky straw tickles your tongue?

Bubble tea is often served with large pearls, so make sure to add a big straw. #yum #tea #drink #food #dessert #bubbletea #cafe #restaurant #pearl

Bubble tea with those you love is a treat worth celebrating #boba #candy #milktea

Bubble trouble

Carton of tea Small batch drinker

Cheers to spring! It’s time for flowers, leafy greens, and the inevitable trips to the farmer’s market

Cold milk tea is a perfect summer drink.

Come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

Cool down with a glass of perfectly prepared milk tea.

Bubble Tea Captions for Instagram

Cotton blends. Juicy blends. Stylish blends. All the blends. #blendedin

Creamy and sweet!!

Delectably sweet, addicting, low on sugar

Delightfully chewy, tender, and studded with sweet tapioca pearls. Best Drink Ever!

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Dive into a fishbowl with a rainbow of toppings and an extra-large straw.

Don’t be a milk tea fool. If you want to be comfy, go for Smoothie #2 with a twist.

Don’t be saltea

Don’t forget to drink milk tea after you sting like a bee.

Don’t look for love, look for tea.

Don’t miss out on this summer’s seasonal drink, the cool and creamy strawberry milk tea

Drink up!

Drown your troubles in bubbles.

Every cup of tea tells a story.

Every day with these quotes never gets old

Everything is better with good milk tea.

Everything tastes better in a glass jar. Here’s to our newest glass jar #weareglassjar

Expressing the feeling of a warm summer night

Fall is in the air and it’s time to cozy up with a warm drink #MyBubbleTea

Fall may be just around the corner, but that’s no excuse to drop your bubble tea and cold-pressed habit.

Faster than it takes to get a coffee. Ice cream for dessert. Yes, please!

Feeling taro-ific

Feeling the sweet aftertaste of our spicy black sesame milk tea

Feeling’ like royal-tea

First I drink the green tea then I do the things.

Forget soda. Forget juices. But don’t forget milk tea.

Found @bubble_teafanatica’s puddings when I was feeling down and now I feel like a kid again.

Fresh milk tea is as simple as the ingredients.

Fresh orange juice, homemade milk tea ️ing all day long.

Fruity Milk Tea set, to bring out the fruity flavors.

Get ready for the weekend with a foamy treat from us! #TisTheSeason #YOsoyYo

Good people drink tapioca.

Happiness is a sip of tea.

Have a cup of positivitea.

Hello Beau-tea-ful

Hello Saturday #frozenbubbletea #boba #tapioca #tealover #asian #asianfoodie #prettylittleladylike

Hello, is it tea, you’re looking for?

Here comes the sun! Better enjoy it now because we all know how the story goes… #bubbletea

Hipster Kitten #hippiegoth #bgk #bubbletea #cicadaeats #taiwanspecialty

Hit me with your best pot,

Home is where the tea brews.

Hones-tea is the best policy

Honestly, the best tea I ever had was a Tea meets coffee tea

Hot? Time for a milk tea break.

I am not a fan of having out of date syrups so I’m encouraging you to throw these bottles away

I could taste the fruity orange zest. #nowshowin #desserts #milkteatime #seoul #winter #coffeetea

I don’t know who came up with this idea, but it’s pretty genius. Cheers to the inventor

I don’t mind if I stay under the hot sun as long as I have huge servings of milk tea.

I don’t need inspirational quotes…I need tea.

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three.

Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

I just wanna cuddle with you under falling leaves and sip on a big cup of bubble tea while watching The Notebook.

I like you, but I’m a little chai.

I love you so matcha

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream … made with @SoDelicious Dairy Free. #NationalIceCreamDay

I swear to tea, the whole tea, and nothing but the tea.

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I wish I could be here when summer started so I could have milk tea all year round

I wish the world could be as sweet as this

If I die of this terrible summer heat, give me some refreshing milk tea.

If I know you’re coming over for tea, then I get the oven out of the cupboard

If milk tea and pumpkin spice were a thing, we wouldn’t be able to contain our excitement for this creamy, cold-pressed elixir.

If tea can’t fix it, it’s serious problem,

If you don’t get to the weekend with an artisanal milk tea , your weekend is incomplete

In tea we trust.

Insert tea to begin.

Is it tea you’re looking for?

It’ll be tapi-okay

It’s #NationalBubbleTeaDay!! While I love my coffee, nothing better than ending a long day with a delicious refreshing bubble tea.

It’s Friday! Time to par-tea!

It’s for me—a sweet summer child.

It’s for your own safe-tea

It’s magic—and bubbles.

It’s summer! Time to have a milk tea party!

It’s tea-reffic!

I’m dying for a cold milk tea.

I’m going to go ahead and say that tea with a little bit of caffeine, a bunch of sugar, and a lot of flavors is the best kind of tea.

I’m grateful for the days when all I need to worry about is what tea I am going to drink.

I’m hearing bubble tea music out of nowhere and it doesn’t make sense because you’re eating soup at 11:32 am… and I can’t stop listening to it.

I’m lovin’ this fresh hot beverage

I’m waiting for this tea, Shedding water like a baby.

Leave me be, I’m drinking my tea,

Lemon Green Tea with Boba Pearls #starbuckssecretmenu

Let our lattes light up your world. ️

Let these cool trendsetting flavors take you to the tropics!

Let‘s be real, we are all over coffee but when it comes to bubble tea, you gotta go where the taste is

Let’s Drink Bubble Tea for the next-to-last time together.

Let’s get those summer blooms! Smoothers to your season! Milk to your staycation

Let’s grab a drink . #boba #bubbletea #afterwork #nofilter

Let’s journey through the magic of milk tea

Let’s play in the rain, drink bubble tea, and eat watermelon all summer day

Life is better with bubbles in it.

Life is full of possibili-teas.

Life is like a cup of tea — to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends.

Funny Bubble Tea Quotes for Instagram

Liquid wisdom.

Matcha made in heaven

Me and my cute-teas

Meet your matcha.

Milk tea and friends make the perfect blend.

Milk tea awakens your spirit and improves your day.

Milk tea first. Everything else second.

Milk tea helps with nightmares

Milk tea is the perfect experience for your lips, nose, and tummy.

Milk up your mind

Milky Milk is the best thing in the world.

Mmmmmm~ the sweet, warm taste of love. ️

No amount of sun can heat off a refreshing milk tea.

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No matter what time of day, we love a delicious and nutritious beverage

No need to be sal-tea

Not a fan of people posting about their coffee? Our customers don’t either. So we decided to show off other rituals we love 🍸

Not sure how to make milk tea? No worries!We’ll show you how to make our bestselling Milk Tea shot.

Not sure which type of tea to get our insatiable sweet tooth? Try out these fruity teas, for healthy treats ️

Note to self: Tea helps.

Nothing like the fresh taste of an iced mtl organic green tea latte. #happilyeverafter

Nothing says happiness like stepping out of the house to work or study with this trendy drink 🍸

Nothing says summer like a warm cup of tea #tea #milktea #teamichelachellen #doubletuppineappleicecream

Nothing says summer must-have like a silky smooth milk tea. Don’t forget to tip your server!

Nothing tastes as good as strong feelings, so let’s post them all up here…

Nothing to tea here

Now that finals are over, time to reward yourself with some bubble tea and sweets!

Oktoberfest, here we come! #happyautumngirls #milktea #tea

On my way to finding a better season’s finale with some boba.

Only the bravest of bubbles dare to sit atop our creamy matcha green tea latte. Dare to try?

Our cold-brewed coffee paired with one of our sweet teas makes a refreshing pairing for autumn

Pop and drop those #bubbleteachallenges while you watch , listen to and escape the #FridayFeeling in your #Msia. #BubbleTea4All.

Putting a #bobaobsession to good use. Every sip’s another reason to smile

Queen of caffeine

Radiate positivi-tea

Refreshing seltzer for caffeinated thirsts—sparkling yuzu milk tea.

Refreshing, on point.

S, M, L, or XL—all milk tea sizes are delicious!

Say yes to the world caviar cup of goodness. Milk tea #UMYUM, #milktea #teaforsummer

She doesn’t like pumpkin spice lattes, but she makes an exception for silly puns

She’s so flir-tea

Sip and savor those warm summer days with a cold jasmine pearls tea. ©

Sip sip, hooray!

Sipping milk tea during a hot summer is nature’s way of cooling you.

Sipping on this light and refreshing tea —being a momma with a happy cup of tea in her hands #tea #milkteacup #milkteapot

So cool that you can have a drink and snack all in one (or maybe just two) #vat19

Milk Tea Instagram Quotes and Captions

So much #bubbletea so little time. What will you finish first? The drink or this exciting book?! #bibliophile

Some things never change. Not even milk tea

Sometimes all you need is a good old-fashioned milk tea to soothe your soul

Sometimes you can’t break the rules.

Sometimes, all you need is a nice cup of milk to go with your sweets. ️

Soy milk’s rich taste is balanced by the addition of natural ingredients created to contribute to milk’s creamy consistency.

Spread positivi-tea.

Steep dreaming

Step aside Monday… This is a job for tea.

Step aside—this is a job for tea!

Sticking with what we know best, we’ve taken the classic milk tea and added on a dose of mochi to make it sweet and extra fresh

Strawberry milk tea for a girl’s night in #lifeisbeautiful

Summer afternoons are best enjoyed with a glass of milk tea.

Summer tea might not be as hot as iced tea or iced coffee is, but will still put a smile on your face.

Summer traveling in search of the perfect milk tea.

Summer—the season of awesome milk tea.

Sup cute-tea?

Sweet and delectable with just a hint of fresh fruit.

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Sweet dreams are made of teas

Sweet. Tart. Refreshing. The best way to beat that summer heat

Sweets and drinks and also the change of seasons and festivals and all good things.

Take a break from your morning routine with our warm and creamy Milk Tea!

Taking a little tea break.

Taro readings and taro tea

Taste the tropics. Check out our Bi-Bim Bap Bowl available for a limited time only at US stores. #bubbletealover.

Tea helps you slow down and notice what is around you

Tea is a hug in a cup.

Tea is always a good idea.

Tea is firmly established as a part of our modern culture with its delicious health benefits and vibrant beverages!

Tea is instant wisdom.

Tea is the key to happiness.

Tea is the perfect balance of soft and sweet.

Tea is to the body as music is to the soul.

Tea makes everything better.

Tea time is a chance to slow down and appreciate the world.

Tea, a liquid hug for my brain.

Tea.. The cure for everything.

Teatime: a hug for the soul and spirit.

Tea’s ready, how bout you? #thebubbletea #bubbleteatime

The best lightweight teas, especially in the morning

The best thirst quenchers are sweet and light (and won’t make you break your diet)

The busier the day, the sweeter the treat. Say aloha to a sweet treat on your next break. 🍧

The combination of sweet and salty is our favorite thing.

The new favorites at @milk_tea #milktea #vscocam

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The perfect time to slow down and savor what you’re most passionate about—like draught milk tea

Funny Boba and Milk Tea Captions for Instagram

The sweetest way to describe all the beauty that comes with Fall is by drinking your morning tea with a comforting hot cup of milk tea.

The wetter, the better.

There’s no better way to start your week than with milk tea

There’s something about good old milk tea.

This milk tea is a real balm for the summer heat.

To drink milk tea is to feel warmly desired.

Today, I want to sit, drink milk tea, and forget the world.

Treat yourself to this epic #rainbowlemonboba tea of coconut cubes, Thai milk tea, and mangoes.

Treat yo’self with our Pumpkin Bubble Milk Tea now in all stores! #bubbletea

Try our frozen fruit milk tea today! Order your frozen cherry milk tea now!

Unlimited potential. Above ALL, enjoy your taste of life. #soyinkysoft #

Warm up with this yummy tea concoction!

We make a great matcha

We might not be coffee addicts, but we sure love to get our fix with a cup of milk tea

We oolong together

We ♡ clear tea and @hana_sugar is a must-have for a yummy brew.

We’re not always in the mood for coffee, but when we are it’s for one of our favorite milk tea blends

We’re not here to take out your parents but to take the boldness & make you bolder.

We’re not trying to be the cool kid here but we know that this tea’s for you. #movoto

Whale milk tea.

What goes better together than a fun night out with the great company and free-flowing boba? Nothing! Let’s go! #bubbletea #yummy #cafe #friends #fun

Whatever flavor, milk tea is a savior during the summer season.

What’s better than enjoying a cold, cozy bubble tea on a cool autumn day?

What’s more refreshing than a cold brew on a hot summer day? How about iced tea and milk tea in the wintertime?

What’s your mix today? #bubbletea

What’s your vice? Bubble tea just got better with @bubble_tea___ ‼️

When we are happiest, we are loosest. – Dorothy Parker #bubbletea #boba

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When you feel like settling down with a sweet potato latte but do not want to succumb to the likes of lazy bubble tea.

When you haven’t seen friends in too long and you all end up drinking bubble tea at 3 A.M. #vscocam

Where’d you get that bathing suit? #takemeback #beachbabe.

Whimsical and whimsically fruit-filled.

With breakfast all day, what needs to get hot and cold? Our perfectly sweetened milk tea.

With our loose leaf black tea, you can enjoy your favorite drink anytime.

With sweet and smooth milk tea

Yeah I’m a Tea junkie.

You are my cup of tea.

You can make your own tasty #milktea all winter long with @milktea. #custardisback.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy milk tea. And that’s the same thing.

You make me feel bubbly inside

You, me, and a cup of tea.

Your tea, tea, tea. What can I say? Tea is my everything

You’re gonna get the literal hipster milk tea taste with every sip, so drink it up

You’re so brew-tiful

creating happiness in the morning with a hot

make tea, not war.

yo konnichiwa! #bubbleteatime