70+ Best Vampire Quotes Captions For Instagram 2024

Best Vampire Quotes Captions For Instagram 2024

If you’re looking to get your Instagram feed spooky-ready, adding in quotes from the most well-known vampire movies can be just the trick! Whether it’s vintage quotes from Dracula or more modern phrases from more modern movies, these captions will give your feed an extra spooky touch! Best of all, they can be used year-round, not just for Halloween! Here are 70+ best vampire quotes captions for Instagram in 2022.

  • I wanted to be a vampire all my life. Only after it was over did I become one. #vampire
  • You are so vein in your false pride of being superior.
  • Oh, so spiderman also climbs walls. I thought I was the only one to do that.
  • Coming dressed as a vampire was not such a bad idea after all. Werewolves around, it would be great.
  • I love being batty, but deep in the night only. And sometimes, on a full moon, I howl.
  • They say I look like a vampire. Does that mean that I am handsome or creepy? #looks
  • You are just too cute a vampire to spook.
  • I just count stand the sunlight anymore.
  • I am only called Dracula. I am from Romania. But I am not a vampire at all. See, I hate blood and gore.
  • I am only here to grab a bite and then to drink.
  • Wow! Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires. #vampire
  • I may be a vampire because even I love sleeping during the day.
  • Sign me on only if you assure me that vampires really sleep all day.

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  • Vampires and false teeth are the same. They both come out at night – at bedtime.
  • Even vampires need sleep at times. Otherwise, they too suffer from over-stressing themselves.
  • There are times, quite a few, though when love actually bites and then sucks. #suck
  • I definitely change my iden****y when I become a vampire.

Vampire teeth Captions For Instagram

  • Let’s go haunting for our necks victim.
  • Let me not become the pain in your neck. Just give in to me.
  • Why won’t I know about it? I suck at it.
  • She is my wife – Queen of the ******ed. #******ed
  • Let me fang you all for being here.
  • This has been the best Halloween that I have spent with my vampiresses.
  • Only garlic and sunlight aren’t allowed at this party. Everything else is okay.
  • This is where and when the magic happens – just don’t open that door! #magic
  • The Count is the master. He is the soul master of the castle and everything in it. #castle
  • Wishing you all a bloody good Halloween night.
  • Let’s go in for a bite now. I know it’s early, but let me tempt you.
  • Fangs for the fang-tastic bite.
  • Of copse, I am a vampire. I simply love them.
  • Be witched! Be very witched! Else you will fear. #witched
  • New blood is the source of all advancement.
  • Would you want to go for a drink now?
  • Have you de-coffin-ated my stuff? Surely, I don’t wish to get addicted to it.
  • Bloody blood suckers. I hate these mosquitoes.

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  • I have been coffin a long time. Now I am okay to drink some juice. #coffin
  • I just loathe looking upon your count-enance. It sickens me to the bone.
  • Remember that you are be-throated to me in life and death.
  • Would want your Bloody Mary now, Count.
  • I am absolutely boo-ed unto you.
  • If you are a vampire, then vampires aren’t a legend at all. #legend
  • Fangs a lot, but no fangs, please. I don’t fang-cy a bite.
  • Come here and just suck it all up.
  • Well, it has always been love at first bite for me.
  • When the light is on, I love cloaking myself with my long cloak of crimson red.
  • All of my outfits require a cape to complete the attire. #cape

Funny Vampire Bio For Instagram

  • Vampires seem to have been in every generation and have been put at stake.
  • I love wearing this cape of mine. It has been my luckiest.
  • I just love the red candies they hand out on Halloween.
  • Of course, you can’t see me in the mirror. The mirror can’t focus long distances. #mirror
  • They call me The Count. So keep count of the Count. Let’s meet again tonight. #count
  • What’s up, my witches? Bow down to the Count, your soul master.
  • Vampires have found a way to evade absolute death. But I don’t find that alluring enough.
  • The Vampire was real. Just that the complete story was never told, it’s still a secret.
  • Trick or treat yo’self. Why does everyone here say that?

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  • Count on me. I am here for all your desires. Open up to me. And Count on me again. #desire
  • We are here only to have a bite. Then we will fly off.
  • You say you have it? Then why not haunt it?
  • Come on in. We are all dying to meet you.
  • Vampires are like handsome actors – only paler and with larger canines.
  • Let’s go grab a bite. We really do need to be blood brothers, after all. #blood
  • In vein, do vampires thrive? They have so much at stake.
  • I love sinking my teeth into this role.
  • Vanity is better known as a vampire.

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  • You just don’t seem to be my blood type.

Funny Vampire Captions for Instagram

  • I never bite – more than once per night, that is. #bite
  • I would love to fang out with you, dear.
  • It is only when I am around that people take to religion and its ways.
  • You will be mine this Halloween night. Be absolutely assured about that.
  • A starving creature is frightful, more so if it is a starving and thirsty vampire.

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  • Why do you say Vampire like it is a bad thing? #vampire
  • I am having a fang-tastic Halloween as usual.
  • We are only waiting for sunset.
  • There isn’t any hard-and-fast rule to becoming a vampire. They should have a college for it, though.

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