10 Qualities a Woman Has That Make You Love Her Forever

10 Qualities a Woman Has That Make You Love Her Forever

Every woman has qualities that make her loved by the people around her. It’s not necessarily something she does or says, but rather it’s the way she thinks and the way she lives the life that makes everyone love her and enjoy being around her. Here are ten traits of the perfect woman you will always love in your life. Read on these 10 qualities a woman has that make you love her forever.

I’m in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s smart, she’s funny, she loves me, and she wants to be with me forever. You may say that I’m lucky to have found her, but I think every man would be lucky to find her as well. The truth is that I’m not the only one that sees her this way – when it comes to women, there are certain qualities that men everywhere admire and respect in their significant others.

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1) She listens

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your wife or girlfriend is to listen to her. This does not mean you should sit idly by while she vents about how unreasonable your in-laws are (or how unsupportive she is of your eating habits), but rather that you should lend an ear when she just wants to talk. Often, women just want someone with whom they can share their feelings, and often they feel they don’t have anyone else who will understand them. A wife or girlfriend may also be confused or overwhelmed by a certain situation at work or home and need time to sort things out before moving forward; sometimes just listening, in silence, without judgment, might be exactly what she needs.

2) She shows you she cares

A woman who cares about you will take time to express her affection. She’ll make sure you know how much she cherishes you and what an important role you play in her life. This is something that most men, especially those of us with so-called daddy issues, don’t get enough of in our lives. Expressing care through words, gifts and gestures (especially if they’re big gestures!) shows us that we matter to our partner on an intimate level; not just as someone who makes their life easier or provides financial security, but for who we really are as human beings. Every man wants to feel like his beloved will go out of her way for him when he needs it most.

3) She makes you a better person

Everyone is different. No two people’s love story is exactly alike, and that’s what makes them so amazing. When you find someone you love, not only do you get to experience new things with them, but they also help shape who you are as a person. For example, if your partner has an old soul, it can make you more introspective and aware of your emotions—two things that aren’t easy for everyone to achieve on their own. If your partner loves animals and often asks others about their animal companions, she might encourage in you an appreciation for other living creatures—something we could all benefit from cultivating. Whatever her special qualities are, she may have helped transform who you are into something better than who you were before.

4) She believes in you

Being with someone who believes in you can be incredibly powerful. It’s an incredibly vulnerable thing to share your dreams and goals with another person—it means letting them in on all of your hopes and wishes, both big and small. When you choose to do that with someone, you’re laying yourself bare and placing an incredible amount of trust in them. Think about it: Do you really want to spend your life building something great with someone who doesn’t believe in what you’re doing? Wouldn’t it be better to be around someone who inspires you? Someone who challenges you? If there was only one quality that made a woman worth loving forever, perhaps it would be simply believing in her partner.

5) She will never stop fighting for you

There’s something to be said for unrequited love. There’s something about loving someone so much you’re willing to give it all up, not knowing if it will ever come back around. The good news is that it does. One day, your woman will wake up and realize she deserves you in her life; she will finally feel worthy of your love, and more importantly, she will never stop fighting for you. If she really loves you, there’s nothing stopping her from having you as hers forever. In fact, any woman who shows up on your doorstep without remorse and without having to fight for you isn’t worth your time – find someone who truly loves you, or let her go!

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6) She knows how to love without limits

Loving someone unconditionally means that you’re not expecting anything in return. There’s no hidden agenda, an ulterior motive, or underlying expectation. Instead, you love for love’s sake. Unconditional love is about accepting someone as they are and loving them warts and all. It requires getting out of your own way to make room for their flaws, foibles, and failures — without letting any of it alter your feelings toward them or prevent you from embracing who they really are. When you can truly get past someone’s shortcomings and forgive their transgressions when you don’t take their mistakes personally — only then do you know what it means to have unconditional love for someone else.

7) She is honest

Trustworthiness is one of those things you can’t fake. If she’s not honest, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is, how much fun she is to be around, or how amazing your s*x life is. I had a girlfriend once who was pretty and smart and interesting—but everything she said had to be verified by at least two other people before I would believe it. Her words became nothing more than noise. The truth matters for more than just your sanity; without honesty, there can be no trust, and without trust, there can be no love. I didn’t stay with her forever; we lasted just long enough to learn that lesson.

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8) She doesn’t care about your flaws

Women who truly love you won’t judge you for your flaws or mistakes. They will love you because of them and accept you for who you are. The ones that care about money or physical appearance usually aren’t concerned with your flaws but with what they can get out of them. No matter how much wealth, fame, power or beauty someone might have, there is always something a little (or major) off-putting about that person. If a woman loves you she doesn’t care about any of those things; all she cares about is loving and being loved in return.

9) She accepts who you are right now.

Every relationship is different, but one of the universal truths about relationships is that you have to be willing to accept who your partner is. Maybe she’s got bad table manners or forgets to put away her laundry sometimes. Maybe he loves watching trashy TV and picking his nose. If you find yourself constantly thinking that your partner has qualities that are making him unattractive, it may mean that you don’t really love him. After all, real love accepts others exactly as they are—and cherishes them for their unique qualities. A woman who supports her man’s hobbies and interests will make him feel loved by listening to what he has to say without trying to change who he is.

10) She inspires you.

When you see her smiling face, you can’t help but smile yourself. She’s like sunshine on a cloudy day. When she loves you, it makes your world go ‘round. And when she looks at you with those beautiful eyes of hers, it just melts your heart away into nothingness. Even if everything seems to be going wrong in your life and things feel hopeless, there’s always that one person who will keep you going: her. She inspires you to be better than ever before because she wants nothing more than for you to have an amazing life with an abundance of happiness and joy within it—no matter what may come your way.

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